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Outreach and Drop In Centre - ODIC - New Delhi - DOP, WCD, GNCTD

Outreach and Drop In Centre - ODIC - New Delhi - DOP, WCD, GNCTD

Project Site –Arakashan Road, Near Gugudwars Moan Singh, Paharganj, New Dehi 


Outreach and Drop-In Centre (ODIC) is a community-based facility for substance users. The ODIC caters to individuals, particularly youth to who use various substances and those who have the least access to resources. ODIC is client-focused with an ultimate goal to prevent youth in the community to initiate substance use, also to help the current users to become sober by taking treatment. An ODIC is a doorway for substance users to a non-threatening and caring environment. It is a hub for all services, which substance users can access as per his or her need and convenience. The ODIC must be within close proximity of substance users and located in the hotspot area of the substance users. In addition to addressing health needs of the substance users, ODIC will support their right to treatment and care services that are respectful and non-discriminatory. Other activities necessary for substance users will also be conducted in the ODIC (like recreational activity, group therapy, individual counselling, family counselling etc.) The ODIC will also provide psychosocial support, a space for rest and recreation, as well as access to other substance users and OUTREACH WORKERS for support and care through mutual sharing of experiences.


ODIC provides a safe, supportive and normalizing environment for individuals labelled as "Substance Users" in the community, especially among the youth who are isolated in society, and to whom even sheltered employment settings are not meeting their needs. It would provide an atmosphere of acceptance where individuals have a sense of belonging and grow in self-worth, dignity and self-respect. It would emphasize on helping individuals feel autonomous and having the capacity to make decisions. An important outcome is these individuals develop a sense of usefulness, increase their feelings of well-being, and minimize their risk of serious health problems that may have led to hospitalization.


Target Group: Vulnerable young population prone to substance use and using substances in select geographical areas 


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